Wilfred the (Un)Wise


'Time-travelling wizards and marvellous magical mayhem - what's not to like?! -  Jo Cotterill 

Reviews . . .

'I thought the book was lovely and funny, so five stars should do the trick - Amazon Reviewer

This is a really fun book - Amazon Reviewer

'It's got lots of humour, lots of heart, and lots of magic. Trust me, I'm a wizard!' - Goodreads Reviewer

Meet Wilfred. He's not your average wizard's apprentice!

For a start he's not very good at learning spells. But Wilfred does love experimenting - until one day, a mishap means he's transported from his medieval home - into the future!

There he meets Bel, another aspiring magician - though she's more interested in street magic than spells and crystal balls, and an unlikely friendship begins. Along with a good deal of chaos and catastrophe!

Will Wilfred be stuck in the future for ever?