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'I absolutely love Nixie - a funny little fairy with attitude.' - Jacqueline Wilson 

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Reviews . . .

'This is a super book in an exciting new series.' (Ed on the Web)

'Full of fun and magical mischief' (Armadillo Magazine)

'This book is full of fun.' (National Geographic Kids)

'I think everybody should read this book because it's really funny' (Reviewed by 7 year-old reader for Kid Around magazine)

'Full of great characters, including the Fairy Godmother and Adorabella, who is simply too perfect to be true and delights in getting Nixie into trouble."  (Goodreads reviewer) 

'Nixie is clearly fun, and her adventures kept our little girl glued to the pages . . .  the story just gallops along.' (Amazon reviewer)

You've never met a fairy like Nixie before!

Chapter One: 

'ZAP! WHOOSH! A fizz of bright red fairy dust hot out of a magic want, splattered onto a petal and snapped it off the flower. PING!

'Gotcha!' cried Nixie the Bad,Bad Fairy gleefully.'

She'd been tugging at the petal for ages . 

Her face was almost as red as her dress (and even grubbier), but the petal just wouldn't break of. So she'd given up and used magic. This was a bit risky, because Nixie's tatty black wand with its wonky red star was as naughty as she was . . . '

Nixie Wonky Winter Wonderland


A snowstorm of wonky winter fun with Nixie!

Is there anything more exciting than looking out of your bedroom window an discovering a world covered in SNOW?

For Nixie, the Bad, Bad Fairy it can only mean one thing . . . FUN! And while the fest of the fairies are busily preparing for the Midwinter Midnight Feast, Nixie is off for some sledging, skating and, of course a snowball battle!

But things go from fun to fiasco when Nxieis decides to use her wonky want to add some extra winter excitement . . . UH, OH!

Nixie Fizzy Firework Fun


She's a disaster with a wand, but when it comes to fun SHE'S MAGIC!


Get ready for the Fairyland funfair and fireworks display!

For Nixie, the Bad Bad Fairy, the excitement is rocketing sky high as she rushes from one fairground ride to the next, eager to go on everything. But it's not long before her thrill-seeking impatience gets her into trouble. 

And as Nixie brandishes her wonky want ready to light the fuse for the firework finale, all the fairies hold their breath.  Will Nixie's dodgy magic deliver a dazzling display, or a fizzy firework fiasco...?

Nixie Splashy Summer Swim


Wonky wand mishaps, froggy fiascos, and water fights!

When it's a super hot sunny day, there's only one thing to do with all your friends . . . have a WATER FIGHT!

For Nixie the Bad Bad Fairy this is the perfect opportunity to come up with some of her ingenious inventions to make the fairies' swimming party really go with a splash and a . . . BANG! Oops!

Her wonky wand is up to its usual tricks and soon the peaceful pond becomes a froggy fiasco! Bumblebees' Bottoms - Nixie's in trouble . . . again!