Harvey Drew and the Bin Men


Madcap comedy Sci-Fi for 7 - 9  year olds set on the disgustingly filthy intergalactic garbage ship The Toxic Spew.

Shortlisted for Peters Book of the Year. 

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Reviews . . .

'I think everyone deserves to read it and be blown away with how amazing it is!' - Guardian Childrens' Book reviewer

'Massively funny. I think that Harvey Drew and the bin men from outer space is a really, really, really good book. It is massively funny and grips anybody who is reading it.' - Amazon Reviewer

This book is really cool and has a lot about space. I love the the part about aliens and where there is a chase by the police to catch the crew! - Amazon Reviewer

What's it about?!

When 11 year old Harvey responds to an alien signal on his computer, he is instantly transported to the flight deck of The Toxic Spew by the ship's bad-tempered computer, who promptly loses his return address. Harvey becomes Captain of the Toxic Spew and it’s stroppy, pizza-obsessed, brave (but grubby) crew, and almost immediately has to save them from poisonous pink maggots, dangerous exploding space-rubbish and a multiple spaceship pile-up on Hyperspaceway B16.   

Harvey Drew and the Bling Bots


'Hugely original and wildly funny' - Jacqueline Wilson

While on their way to the next rubbish pick-up, the crew get word of a stranded cargo ship that happens to be carrying the most valuable substance in the Known Universe, and Beyond - Techno-tium. Whoever rescues the cargo gets to claim it. 

Thinking they will soon be disgustingly rich, the crew aims their ship towards the treasure. But they don't bet on running into the most notorious and ruthless pirates around: the Bling Bots from the planet Sy-Boorg!

Harvey Drew and the Junk Skunks


WOOP WOOP WOOP! ALARM ALARM ALARM! It's chaos once more on the bridge of the Toxic Spew. But this time it’s because they've run out of food! Mutiny, cannibalism and plain old theft are suggested as potential problem-solvers, but Captain Harvey politely requests that the crew buck their ideas up and think of something else. At which point the ISS is mentioned - no, not the International Space Station! It’s the Interstellar Service Station!

But it’s spookily deserted when the team arrive, and it's not long before Harvey suspects there's something fishy going on... Actually, make that something downright dangerous!  Join the gang for another rip-roaring, space-hopping and (frankly) stomach-turning adventure on the universe's worst intergalactic rubbish ship!