Do You Speak Chocolate?


'I really love this book' - Jacqueline Wilson 

Reviews . . .

This book is AMAZING!!! I love everything about it . . . Best book ever! (Mumsnet daughter, aged 10)  

‘A wonderful, uplifting and heartwarming story . . . Perfect for 8-12s and would be fantastic as a primary class reader in Y5/6 because it covers a lot of Big Issues with an extremely light touch’ (Amazon Reviewer)   

'An excellent example of a book to make people think, maybe change people’s thinking and make us all a bit kinder for reading it.’ (Books for Keeps) 

'I really liked it because you had school life from the point of view of a dyslexic. There is so many hilarious parts of the book as well as emotional parts' (Mumsnet daughter, aged 11)

Never underestimate the power of chocolate . . . in friendship!

The story of two girls, one of whom is a newly arrived refugee from Syria, who are determined to become friends - even though they don't speak the same language. 

When new girl Nadima arrives at school, Jaz is delighted. Finally she's got someone to sit next to. The only problem is, Nadima doesn't speak a word of English. 

But Jaz isn't one to let things get her down. She soon finds a way to break the ice with Nadima - by offering her a piece of chocolate! And so begins a very special friendship - one with trials and tribulations, but full of laughter, adventures  . . . and more than a little CHOCOLATE!